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(Squirrels Professional Executive for Counter-Intelligence Terrorism Revenge and Extortion)


Oh My God...Do you think those little fluffy ratbags could return?
I hate receiving anonymous threats.

Spectre Retaliation Warning Ignored
Suppose I asked for it really, this warning was circulated more than a week before the Xmas holocaust
Spectre Xmas Squirrel Annihilation Warning
I think they mean business...I have caught and deported 7 squirrels from my garden in the last few days.
Spectre Squirrel Terrorist Threat Anticipated
(Word has got out at my new place of work regarding my personal vendetta with our bushy tailed brethren.
Another couple who work there are having a similar problem, and have joined the cause to eliminate the fluffy little darlings. Unfortunately,we appear to have a "Mole'' in the form of my young workmate Tony.
He'd better watch out he doesn't become a target!!!)


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