Dave Tooley's Second Warning

(Squirrels Professional Executive for Counter-Intelligence Terrorism Revenge and Extortion)

Activities Update.


Once again my brothers and sisters futile resistance is upon us. Covert footage of OSS special agent 213 (Tooley Case book available on network) has been brought to our attention. Special agent Tooley has been filmed conversing with 0SS defence contractors on a new line of ground assault weapon. During this footage Tooley, and an as yet unknown defense research technician are seen to be actively engaged in the testing of a prototype portable containment device. We know from audio enhanced sound extraction of this footage that this device has been designed specifically for the capture, detention and interrogation of our operatives. At the end of this footage Tooley is seen taking this prototype back to his car. We can only assume by this that the device is in its infancy and was taken by Tooley to be passed on for modification and trial runs at his Portchester base. Portchester Castle rapid response unit has been put on a state of high alert, and will be ready for swift retaliation upon deployment of this device. This new approach by OSS to crack the shell of our organization is laughable at best, l5lbs of cold hard steel mesh cannot stop us, and the insolent idea of us being drawn into this trap by the mere scattering of peanuts only strengthens my belief we are dealing with an inferior foe.

Keep up the good work my friends

The prize draw for the Christmas Hamper will take place on the 20th of December not the 22nd as posted on last weeks SPECTACLE newsletter.

Keep bright eyed and bushy tailed


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