Dave Tooley's First Warning

(Squirrels Professional Executive for Counter-Intelligence Terrorism Revenge and Extortion)

Activities Update:
*Firstly can I personally congratulate our Denmead unit on limiting the loss of valuable members of our intelligence gathering team . Your brave actions in foiling unexpected sniper fire last week allowed our team to gain vital information for our next big push. The two assailants said to be aged between 50 and 70 years old are thought to be a husband and wife team. Photo fits and descriptions are now available via network, These two characters are very professional and deemed a serious threat to our cause. Needless to say they will be dealt with.

*Staying with attacks to our regime the Portchester branch has gained knowledge of a possible new military strike.OSS's Washington headquarters has authorised their Portchester operative (Tooley #213 case file available on network) to step up his assault. Information has reached us that a newly developed ''super weapon'' the A.I.R rifle is to be employed. Information is sketchy so be alert until our lab boys can determine the severity of the threat. As a result the Portchester branch has been ordered to cease the 2 to 4am advanced combat training programs and stop all power tapping through domestic wiring. Unfortunately this means temporary shut down of our satellite communication system. Plans for back up communication are already underway but cannot replace to any extent our main means of control. As is well known it is unfortunate that Portchester has the vital global positioning required for the Geo-sync orbit of our space based weapons facilities, as we are all aware that we don't really want to be there.

*On a slightly higher note the new modifications to the "Nelson's' Monument" antennae have been completed and is now running at maximum power, we at SPECTRE HQ are much grateful and thank our RED brothers on the Island for this.

Hopefully better news next month, keep bright eyed and bushy tailed.




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