Dave Tooley's Xmas Threat

(Squirrels Professional Executive for Counter-Intelligence Terrorism Revenge and Extortion)


Well my brothers and sisters, it's been an eventful year for our cause, a year of anticipation, a year of planning and a year of loss. This last note I know only to well, as I am sure many of you will be aware of the tragic disappearance of seven of our best operatives at the Portchester Space weapons communication facility. This tragedy has hit hard and close to home, my only son being one of the missing. We at S.P.E.C.T.R.E. salute those brave souls and wish them Gods speed wherever they may be. But let us not dwell on loss, this grievous act has only strengthened our will and we will avenge those that have perpetrated against us. The target is known, the sights have been set and I personally will be there to take my son's place at the firing control. Evacuation of all operatives in the immediate Portchester area is complete and all bunkers on the two mile safety radius are secure. This strike will coincide with that which we have all been working towards the last year, I refer to of course Operation PAXO. I am extremely delighted to inform you that the covert infiltration was a complete success, and as I write this hundreds of thousands of our armed forces lay dorment inside fresh and frozen turkeys around the globe, waiting, waiting for the call. Upon the 12th hour of Christmas day our sleeping avengers, some of which have been in stasis for over four months now in supermarket freezers around the world, will rise from their slumber in a hail of holy fire as the weak feeble humans gather round to celebrate the birth of their saviour. None will be spared this wrath and we will be triumphant, we will dance on the corpses of our enemy, drink their booze in celebration and toast to victory by the roasting of their nuts. It has been a long road my friends but be patient our dawn is upon us.

I'll see you at the party,


Christmas Raffle:
Winner of this years hamper is Mr and Mrs Catkin of Milton cemetery
congratulations from everyone at S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Hq


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