Toga tales

Both of these tales started off at a couple of different toga parties down in Selsey.

The streak

Sue suggested that everyone ought to go skinny dipping in the sea, but because she had a cold she didn't go in. Dave and several others all jumped in stark naked, Sue held onto the togas for them and the torch. After everyone else climbed out, for a bit of fun, they all went back to the house with Dave's toga. So Dave had to walk from the sea to the house (about half a mile) past several roads without a stitch on !

The blonde

After many beers, Dave found a tall, long haired blonde, asleep in their sleeping bag.

Not recognising them and thinking it might get him somewhere he set up his sleeping bag and stuff next to theirs, cuddling up close to them. In the morning when he woke up they had already got up, so he went in search of them. When he started asking around he was politely told it was Roger, lucky he was too drunk to try too much !

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