How not to eat your kebab

Last night, as I was getting on the train to go home, still cuddling my kebab, Paul S. got off it two doors up. "Hi Dave" he cried. "Hi Paul" says I, getting on the train. How you doing he says, closing the door behind me. I'm pissed, says I, sitting down..... into EMPTY SPACE. Some bastard had put a corridor next to the door instead of a seat. The entire contents of my kebab cascaded all over me from head to toe. What made it worse was I had covered the thing in creamy Garlic sauce before going to the station.

I just wish it had happened to someone else, so I could have laughed as well. Paul was actually crying as the train left the station, he was laughing so much...Bastard!!!!!

Paul's reply

Yes, I can confirm and it was soooo funny, I can't help but laugh still now!

As I pulled into Fareham station, having just got back from London and a drinking session with one of my old work mates I used to work with in Switzerland and feeling a little inebriated myself, I noticed Dave sat on one of the bench seats eating a Kebab.

I opened the door and shouted "Dave!!!" he saw me and said "hello Paul" in his usual squeeky voice. "where the hell have you been" he continued. "Pissing it up in London mate.. how are you?" I retorted, opening the carriage door for him. He steps on and turns with his back to the door that leads to the 1st class compartments, he then slumped sliding down the door and hitting the floor with an almighty thump. As he went down he was looking at me saying "I'm pissed". This I had now gathered as his head disappeared below the level of the window.

Meanwhile his Kebab was hovering above him before tipping over and depositing the contents of the paper wrapping in his lap.

I'm sorry, but I challenge anyone not to laugh hysterically at a scene such as this. I recovered enough just to say "are you ok" wiping my eyes I could see him stand up move one step to his right and sit down on the seat, he smiled and waved as the train pulled out of the station, he was covered in Kebab.

I just had to tell someone so I immediately rang Graham to tell him the story.

Thanks Dave for making my day. Paul.

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