Deep Shit

So I'm standing in the shower last night, wondering why the bath is filling up when there's no plug in it. So I go downstairs and flush the loo to test the drain. BIG MISTAKE... The loo fills to the brim and stays full. Shit! (Literally) Check the outflow, bollocks, overflowing into the garden. Even more shit (literally).

Phone the emergency plumbers. 'No problem sir, tomorrow first thing.' Liars should have known, 10.15am they finally turn up. They rodded it, they backflushed it, they high pressure blasted it. They CCTV'd it. 'Sorry sir, your drains collapsed'. Bill for this mornings work, £480. Estimate for repair to replace drain-pipes, £1080. Hope my insurance pays up, or I'm in deep shit (literally)

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