Dave gets cyber mugged !

I've been mugged again. No, not for my curry this time, but cybermugged on the Internet.

I was using a Real Time Communication program on my Pc called ICQ to chat to my friend in Australia when I was sent a message from someone I didn't know. Now normally I just ignore uninvited messages, but this one looked particularly inviting. It described a 'dodgy' site with a webcam trained in on a luscious juicy lucy. It went on to say that this one didn't ask for your credit card number to log on to it, and thus it was completely free. Well, this caught my attention, and having a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing else planned I thought it may be worthy of a little investigation. Wot a mug! Nothing in life is free, as I found out.

As I logged on to the site, what I didn't realise was the software it downloaded turned off my modem, and redialed it on to a premium rate call charge. Bloody good scam, I've got to admit, but highly expensive to the naive pervert drooling over the cavorting dolly on the screen. Cost of the 38 minutes I was on the site for.....£38. SHIT!!! You've been warned!!!

Please forward this alarming Tooleytale to anyone you know who might be caught by the same scam !

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