Car tales (the return)

You're not going to believe this, but only a month after the previous Cortina Tooleytale, fate struck me another sickening blow. To make up for the disastrous Studland episode, I took the family down there again, but this time I took my daughters friend with us as well just in case she needed someone to occupy her mind. JUST AS WELL... Same preamble, hot day, lovely beach, more sunburn, back to the car, loaded up, drove off. We'd only gone about 500 yards when there was a loud crunch from the left hand rear of the car, and it suddenly lurched violently to the left. FOR GODS SAKE, WILL THIS NEVER END????? Spitting blood and feathers, I climbed out of my beached whale to identify the problem. To my absolute disbelief, the nearside rear wheel was hanging off. Looking a bit closer, I could see that 3 wheel nuts were missing, and the last one was only hanging on by a single thread. I can only assume that someone had tried to nick a tyre, and we'd disturbed them by our return. 10 minutes later, we may have been propped up on wall bricks. I then had the almost impossible job of trying to get a jack under the car when one corner was sitting on tarmac. You've got to remember that my car was now spread-eagled over the road. Yep, that same road back to Corfe Castle where there is no room to park, overtake or stop for repairs. Cars behind me were now getting seriously pissed off. (Especially if they had been the innocent victims of my previous Studland disaster) They had no choice but to club together and help me get my car on an even keel by lifting it up mob handed. I then managed to get the wheel back on, and by nicking a single nut from the other 3 wheels, I was up and running again. Albeit very slowly. Can you begin to imagine how fired up I was, after only just getting my car mobile from the last disaster. I must have done something really bad in a previous life to deserve all this!!!

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