Birthday Pub Crawl '99

The Dave Tooley London Birthday pub crawl was amazing. I have never gone on a crawl that lasted this long. Almost 12 hours from kick off.

We arrived in London at 12noon. In the 'Fire Station' pub under Waterloo Bridge by 12:15 and off we went on a grand tour of London Pubs including Covent Garden. Got refused to be served and chucked out of a pub in Soho for being too rowdy. Whoops.....

Had late afternoon din-dins in Won Keys. Excellent nosh as usual. Roger bombed out, he'd met his match after loads of beer and God knows how much food. Then on to more pubs into the evening.

I made a complete pratt of myself at pint number 8 in Waxey o'Connells bar. The less said about that the better, but it involved a huge pair of breasts, my big mouth and very unstable feet. But no doubt it will be public knowledge soon. Pint 9 was again at the Fire Station pub. Made the 10pm train with seconds to spare. Pint 10 was in the buffet car on the way back. Graham passed out on the train, so we covered him in rubbish from the buffet car, then got the rampant giggles as he looked like a full wheelie bin. No film left in the camera by this time. Damn. Pint 11 was partaken in Portchester Tandoori House. Yes, we actually dreamed that we needed a curry at this point. Got home, had 2 mouthfulls, then had to go to Great fun, but my head on Sunday had to be felt to be believed.

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