Would you like to see your business listed on the very first pages of the Yahoo and Google search engines?

Of course you would!!!

My website (www.davesplace.co.uk) has been online since the early days of the Internet, and many of its pages are riding VERY high in many of the worlds top search engines. Don't take my word for it, check it out. Try seaching for my name in any of the top ones. I'm the most famous "Dave Tooley" in the world. This has a knock on affect on all of my website's pages. As an example, try searching in Yahoo for "Portsmouth Tourist Links" It is often sitting in the first 3 places, and similar in Google.
Although this varies on a day to day basis, it is nearly always listed within the first couple of pages. Considering the enormous amount of new websites being created each week, this is a phenomenal achievement.
Do you understand what this means?
Any site or business listed on my web-pages will be seen more often than any other, since potential customers for your business will always take the easy route and view the most popular ones listed first when browsing on the Internet.
Until now I have used my Portsmouth Tourist Links site purely as a guide to tourists, but I am expanding my site to include a specific targeted group of advert pages for tourism within the Portsmouth and surrounding areas linked from the home page.
Anyone owning a tourist related business in the Portsmouth or surrounding areas who would benefit from getting their profile way out in front of their competitors should consider contacting me A.S.A.P. for inclusion on my site. Adverts will be hierarchically placed on a first come first served basis, and will be grouped into specific targeted themes.
i.e. Restaurants, Bars, Travel, Evening Entertainment etc...etc. New groups can be easily created to accommodate ideas which do not fit into the most common groups.
The most important factor is, get your advert in early and YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE RANKED ABOVE YOUR COMPETITION.
I am starting the opening bids for listing at £10 per entry per year, (which I'm sure you will agree is a ridiculously low rate) but this will increase as the interest from customers increase. I am confident there will be a lot of interest in securing advertising space on these pages, so please do not delay in securing your advert. The early bird catches the worm. If customers require a unique web page to be created just for them with much more detail of their business, then this can be catered for on an individual basis at a very reasonable negotiable rate depending on content.

My contact details are as follows:-

Email:- click here
Telephone 02392 613646