Supertune Racing Scooter History Required

I have been contacted by a Rich Soloman who has embarked on a mission to restore a Supertune Lowline 235cc Scooter he has acquired to its former glory.

This is the email he sent me:-

I've been lucky enough to find an original 1960s Supertune Low Line race bike and it is being renovated next year. I know from the guy that I bought it off that it was raced/rallied in the late 60s and early 70s. Just wondered if you have any recollections, info, pics or even contacts who may be able to give me any further info on the bike. It's the black and white 235cc TV200 Low Line Special. I've attached a pic. Any help greatly appreciated!

Rich Soloman

Supertune Bike

Ron Moss contacted me and gave a wealth of information (amongst a host of others) and the bike has now been fully restored.