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These pages are in their infancy. There are many more photos to be scanned and I still have an awful lot to do with them such as identify all riders and tracks. However I think it's worth a look to anyone who is interested in the sport of Scooter Racing from yesteryear.

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Please, if anyone can identify unknown riders or if I have mistaken them for others , do not hesitate to contact me and correct my errors. Thank you!

Nev Frost rejoining the fray on his 125cc Vega after pulling off the track at Cadwell Park Unknown rider on a Vega at Cadwell hairpin Crystal Palace.  In the background:- from left...Martin Holmes, Jan and Vic Podmore, Geoff Stevens, Crickie.  In foreground:- Ned Newman, Les Rafferty, & Happy. Colin Armett at Mallory in his usual position on his 225cc special...miles in the lead.  What did that bike have that was so special??? Early days of Geoff Stevens on the Wildcat 225 at Mallory Park. Oops!  Nev Frost narrowly avoids colliding with a faller at Mallory Hairpin

Unknown rider takes a tumble at Cadwell Park Unknown outfit tries to hitch a ride with Nev and Bev.  Much to Nev's consternation Ray Kemp at Crystal Palace in prone position Colin Armett at Cadwell Park.  I seem to remember he fell off at this event.  Very unusual for him.  He was hardly ever under any pressure Crystal Palace. 'Boob' in his usual comic pose before a race.  John Taylor on 'Yellow Peril' in background.  Other riders unknown John Taylor at Mallory alongside unknown rider

Pete Hockley and Tim Manhire at Mallory John Barlow on the 'Wildcat' 75cc Vega Geoff Stevens challenging unknown rider at Cadwell Park 'Boob' giving Nev Frost a run for his money at Mallory Park in the  Specials class Oops!!!  Bent it.  Slightly battered 'Yellow Peril' at Crystal Palace Les Rafferty cranking the 125cc Wildcat into a left hander at Cadwell

Crickie and Happy at Cadwell Unknown rider at Cadwell giving it his all Geoff Stevens leading Boob and Nev into Mallory hairpin. Another shot of Geoff Stevens leading Boob and Nev into Mallory hairpin. Les Rafferty leading the 125cc class into Cadwell Park hairpin Nev and Bev first off the line at Cadwell Park.  Pete Hockley immediately to his left.  Crickie behind him


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