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Here is a further selection of photos I took on my travels around Western Australia.
They look good, but nothing compares with actually being there.
(Unless you look at them whilst sitting in an oven)

This following sequence of pictures depict an absolutely awesome area of the North Western Outback.
The Karijini. God, it was hot...

Karijini 1 Karijini 2 Karijini 3 Karijini 4 Karijini 5 Karijini 6 Karijini 7 Karijini 8

What wonderful places these are (weather permitting) You have to see them to believe them.
Shark Bay & Monkey Mia is world famous for its friendly bottlenose dolphins that have been regular visitors to the beach since the early 1960's. Many of the dolphins have been studied since their birth and the rangers know them by name.

Breakfast Time For The Dolphins Dolphins Less Than  Knee Deep My Turn To Feed The Dolphins Aboriginal Ranger At Feeding Time Hungrey Pelicans

Coral Bay. Experience the magic of hand feeding the friendly fish as they swim around your legs.
These photos do not do justice to the wondrous views from the Glass Bottomed Boat due to the limitations of my camera and compression of the images, but they give you an idea.

View across from camp site to the bay Coral 1 Coral 2 Coral 3 Coral 4 Coral 5
Coral 6 Coral 7 Coral 8 Coral 9 Feeding the fish beside the glass bottomed boat Feeding Frenzy

Treetop Walk This world-class experience takes you from the forest floor way up into the canopy of GIANT red tingle trees. The walk was built in 1996 and has gained international attention for its innovative design and the exciting experience it offers.
To fully understand how scary this following sequence was for us, visit my Tooleytales website and read up on our visit.

The Ancient Empire Walk meanders around, and sometimes through, a grove of veteran tingle trees. These are the giants that gave the forest its name. They are some of the biggest trees in the world and can reach a height of 75 metres and live up to 400 years or longer.

Look what I've found...How To Speak Australian....Brilliant


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